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Bethlehem Rehabilitation Specialists,
A Service of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital


The staff is pleasant, helpful and they answer all my questions. My family has come to Harold in the past and we respect him and his opinion. I would recommend Bethlehem Rehab to my friends and family members. S.D.

It is a pleasure to come to a facility where smiles and kind words are a part - very important part - of the rehab program. S. T.

The quality of treatment I received was above excellent. Dr. Millman, his staff of physical therapists and office personnel were all pleasant and professional. I felt "at home" during my hours spent there. The care I received was always one-on-one and designed for my individual needs. E.L.

I can't thank your staff enough for taking the time to help my son and explain his problem and treatment with me. For the first time, I actually felt like the doctor was acting like a friend and didn't rush me out the door. T. D.

Harold and the staff are fantastic. They take the time to listen and adjust your therapy to provide the most benefit. Everyone are professional and personable. M.T.

The patient encouragement and interest by the whole staff has been appreciated. Your whole staff should be commended for its excellent service. E. C.

Your evaluation and rehabilitation will be handled by experts who are very knowledgeable. The equipment is up to date and extensive. I recommend this Rehab Center highly for its skilled staff and their ability to target and work with the patient's area of concern. I have received expert attention and advice at the Center combined with recommendations for appropriate exercises to reinforce the rehabilitation at home. I recommend this center highly. A.N.

The good nature of the entire staff left me with a bonus of mental wellbeing in addition to the physical healing prescribed.W. M. 

Everyone here really cares about you. All take their time with you and Harold is absolutely tremendous. He is so knowledgeable and knows how to help heal your body. S.F.

I was very impressed with the whole experience. It did help, and everyone was very professional, friendly and helpful.E. F.

The doctors and all staff make rehab an easy pleasurable task. The individual care and relaxing atmosphere helped me heal quickly. Treatment is focused on the patient returning back to a better health lifestyle. S.A.

Thanks to Harold and his staff, I can move about without pain. Feeling great! Thank you! Thank you! E. J.

I would tell a friend that Bethlehem Rehab. is a great place for rehab. The staff is courteous and friendly, and Dr. Gallagher is extremely knowledgeable. She listens to concerns and explains the way the body works. For the first time in months, I feel like I am taking a step in the right direction towards the road to recovery. E.D.

Great staff - makes therapy fun while achieving great results. E. W.

The staff are very friendly and the doctor are great. The office does very great work to listen to what is wrong and make a solution to get you well and better as fast as they can. It is a great place. T.B.

Excellent, wonderful, helpful and the best staff ever! My recuperation went smoothly, and I was encouraged and motivated to a full recovery.J. G.

I would say that Brigid could see immediately that I had not really understood how to properly perform a Pelvic Tilt in spite of having several therapist in Georgia who thought I was doing it right. (That was years ago for entirely different problems.) I have been doing the exercises she taught me for about 9 days now and can definitely feel the benefit!! She is very patient with me (I am a bit slow to learn)and explains things in a good way. I like the ladies at the front desk too; very thoughtful and pleasant.  C.K.

Exceptional staff! Each person gave their own manner of unique individual attention - I'll miss everyone!!D. C.

The team at Beth Rehab have taken great care of me. I went for treatment two years ago when I was in excruciating back pain due to a pinched nerve. I am undergoing treatment now for rotator cuff issues and I have no complaints. I am getting my strength and mobility back. The staff is polite and professional and the facility is clean. S.A.

Once again, my goal of being pain-free was achieved due to the friendly and caring therapists that were willing to listen and properly instruct. The office staff was friendly and accommodating - truly a great organization.T. C.

I felt I was treated royally. The office staff, the therapists and Harold all were sincerely interested in me getting better. Because they were relentless, I did get better. I truly felt I was among friends.B. F.

Dr Millman demonstrates interest and a level of professionalism that really contributes to the team work necessary to achieve the goal of rehabilitating those stubborn joints and the sincere concern that is needed to correct the symptoms .The task assignments to staff effectively address the patients needs

I chose BRS because of the close proximity to my office, and you could accommodate my schedule. Also, I wanted a smaller practice with a more personal touch, and I like the private therapy rooms. I had a great experience, and I would definitely come back.K. G.

The entire staff was professional, friendly and helpful. I didn't just see Dr. Millman on the first visit and then get passed off to an associate. Dr. Millman spent a great deal of time with me every visit. Dr. Millman is extremely knowledgeable and he takes a great deal of time to make sure his prescribe treatment is helpful in alleviating your aliment. I was extremely satisfied with the treatment I received. D.R.

You guys and gals are simply the best! As always, you put the "special" in Bethlehem Rehab Special-ists!! R.B. 

Professional - the people are genuinely interested in teaching and explaining things to you for the best result possible. There is an absence of feeling rushed (or like you are just another "body") in this office, which is rare (& appreciated) in this day & age. Clean -here is attention to keeping equipment clean for each patient, alleviating concerns about whose germs are where. Helpful -office staff went the extra mile to make sure insurance coverage was understood and scheduling appointments was easy. Therapists pay attention to technique and give feedback to ensure rehab goes optimally and patient gets most from the work they're doing. W.T

I have nothing but positive thoughts and experiences with everyone at BRS. Thank you for getting me back into shape so quickly so I could resume work.G.S.

I would highly recommend Bethlehem Rehabilitation Specialists. The staff is kind, professional, educated, and fun to be around. I feel so much better after leaving my sessions. Dr. Millman knew exactly why I was having the problems, and he helped cure my problem. I continue to go to help protect myself in the future. G.D.


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