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Therapeutic ultrasound differs from diagnostic ultrasound in that there are no images produced by this modality. In therapeutic ultrasound a mechanical pressure wave is applied to the tissues (through the skin) at an intensity that is so low and a frequency that is so high it can not be detected by the patient. More simply stated the sound wave is beyond the range of the human ear. The sound wave produce a stream of pressure waves which are transmitted to the tissues causing them to vibrate.


Ultrasound patient

There are two types of ultrasound treatments; thermal and non-thermal. During thermal ultrasound the transfer of mechanical energy produces heat. A treating dose of thermal ultrasound may decrease pain perception, increase blood flow, increase metabolic rates, increase the extensibility of tissues and decrease the density of fluid in surrounding tissues.

Non-thermal or non-heating ultrasound is used to fascilitate healing or tissue repair. It benefits have been shown throughout the healing process from the initial inflammatory process to the final stages of tissue maturation.



It is well known that cancer treatments can cause significant disability and major problems with activities of daily living which impact cancer survivor’s quality of life.

Nearly 75% of cancer survivors experience cancer related fatigue which may last from weeks to years.

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