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Bethlehem Rehabilitation Specialists,
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is a physical therapy treatment which provides an alternative to injections as a method of delivering medication through the skin. During treatment, medications or ion solutions are placed onto an electrode pad just over the area to be treated. Iontophoresis is induced by direct current and the medication is "pushed" through the skin

Typically, iontophoresis with anti-inflammatory agents is used in the treatment of acute or subacute bursitis, epicondylitis, tendonitis, plantar fascitis or occipital tendonitis. However iontophoresis can be used with acetate ions to soften calcific deposits or with calcium for spasms.

For treatment with prescription medications, patients must purchase the ion based medication at their pharmacy and bring it to the therapy office. If your pharmacist needs assistance, please have him/her call our office.



It is well known that cancer treatments can cause significant disability and major problems with activities of daily living which impact cancer survivor’s quality of life.

Nearly 75% of cancer survivors experience cancer related fatigue which may last from weeks to years.

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